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Then and now – From Diagnosis to a Gradual Recovery. I am no longer ashamed… (via The Beauty of Being Untypical)   1 comment

I hope you enjoy this powerful story of hope and courage. Kait does not only tell her story, but she educates others regarding her illness and gives encouragement to helpful insights to others with similar struggles. I look forward to continued collaboration with her. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by her words as I was!.

Since birth, or so I was told because I obviously can’t remember, I was extremely anxious and “clingy.” I stayed close to my family as young person and never rebelled or took the risks as some of the other children and teens would, but I have my own share of experiences too. I was almost always attached to my mom’s hip and that kept me feeling safe. It gave me a sense of internal comfort that I was constantly lacking like an endless starvation. I … Read More

via The Beauty of Being Untypical

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