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For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
John 3:17 (NIV)

If Jesus was our example and He life was characterized by love, and grace.
How can we claim to be his followers and have our lives be full of hate and condemnation?

What was the focus of the two great commandments that he left us with? LOVE.

That being said, who are you more attracted to?
person that is caring and compassionate or
someone that is rude and judgmental

How then can we expect those that are still in the world and surrounded by hate, judgment selfishness and disrespect to be drawn to us so that we can share Christ with them, much less have want to be a like us when we demonstrate the same attitude towards them as everyone else?

Jesus added this about us and love, “They will know you are my followers by your LOVE”. 

I like thinking of it as a word picture – When people look at us and watch how we live our lives what they should see is a big Sandwich Sign the simply reads, “Love Spoken Here”. We should be a walking talking breathing billboard that declares His love, grace and mercy for all that are willing to come to Him.

But if we as his Ambassadors are full of hate and condemnation then that is how others will perceive God to be. Thus we our attitude and behaviors push people away from Him rather than drawing them in.

We are to be IN the world, but not OF it so that we can let the light of His love the abides in us by the Spirit shine forth into the darkness and overcoming it.

Jesus himself never condemned or spoke negatively towards a sinner, All of his negative and corrective words towards those of the faith.

So let us truly be his hands and feet in our time and live and Love as He did and let’s see what kind of difference that we can make in the lives of those around us.

I know it sounds cliché, but I am reminded of for lack of better name for it the “WWJD Movement”.

Maybe it is time for us to refocus and start a new “movement.” “LLJC” – Love Like Jesus Christ or
Or even more simply “317” as in John 3:17.

Are you in?

I know I am!!


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