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Each time that I come to these keys, I pray that the words that are shared here will be a blessing and encouragement to all that have the opportunity to read them. In sharing with you both in my post and in our individual conversations it can often come across that, “Gary has it all together”, “He is so bright and positive all the time.” The truth is I am just as human as all of you. I have good days and bad ones; I feel overwhelmed with stress at times; and yes I make poor choices. I am still on this journey just as each of you are; I have not finished my race. Every day, I learn and grow taking another step towards the prize of being found to be complete and mature in Him.

One lesson that I have learned on this journey – “The lighter your load the easier the journey.”  As we all know life this race called “life” is not a sprint, it is more like a marathon. When a runner runs a race he insures that he is burdened with as little as possible. In fact even the clothing he wears are as light as possible. Why? He does so because the weight and burdens of those other things only hinder and slow him down. Similarly, our race is best, and most easily run when we are free of as many burdens as possible. Thus, it is to our benefit that we “forget what lies behind” or in other words, “let go of the past.” So what does this mean and how do we apply it.

I believe that there are two components to this principle:

  •  Letting go of the resentment, anger and pain associated with the situations where we have been offended and hurt as the acts of others.
  • Letting go of the guilt and shame associated with our own poor choices, mistakes and failures.

 That being said, I am all to well aware how difficult that either on of those can be, much less both. The truth be told, that on our own in our own strength, these tasks are impossible. So why would I bring us to this point if it was a hopeless endeavor?  I wouldn’t; and isn’t. In fact, they both are very much attainable, they just require us to think outside of ourselves. They require humility; not  self-deprecating, ”beating ourselves up”, but willing to submit to the guidance and will of another. Specifically, we humble ourselves before God seeking His help and guidance. “(He) gives grace to the humble”. When we humble ourselves before Him, we realize not how terrible a person we have been, but we become aware of the mercy and grace that he offers to us because He loves us in spite of our past. Through this we are able to accept His forgiveness and in turn we can let go of our own guilt and shame and forgive ourselves.

 In that same state of humility, having received His grace, mercy, love and forgiveness, we are able to see those that hurt and offended us not through the eyes of pain and resentment, but through that same grace, mercy and love. We are then not only able to do so, but drawn to forgive. When we fully forgive, we release our perpetrators from the punishment we feel they deserve and ultimately in doing so we realize that they were not the ones set free, we were.

 In short, I am reminded of a phrase many of us have heard and said, but not practiced well enough –  


 As always I hope and pray that these words encourage and help you as you run your race.

  Philippians 3:13-14 /  I Peter 5:5-7

Suitcases” by Dara McLean


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