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Let Go!   Leave a comment

Let go of the guilt, regret and shame of your past failures and mistakes;
they only serve to chain you to them.

The only things you need take from them are
the lessons learned and the experience gained.


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My Life   Leave a comment

My Eyes – A window to the soul
Sometimes reveal things you shouldn’t know
My Lips – Utter “I’m just fine”
But I’d tell you more if you’d take the time.
My Face – so flat, no life within
Just can’t feel this pain again.
My Smile – It shines so bright,
Behind it’s where I try to hide.
My Arms – Deformed with scars and lines,
All the words I could not find.
My Heart – How many times can it break?
How much more can I take?
My Ears – Hear a kind word;
Start to believe I‘m still loved.
My Soul – Revived finds a speck of hope;
Pressing forward, believe I can cope.
My Life – Once lost and broken, no hope within
Getting stronger; this fight I can win!

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Look in the Mirror   Leave a comment



If you don’t like were you are in your life go look in a mirror and

Tell the person you see “Do something about it instead of griping and complaining”

If you see no way, MAKE one.

Be Courageous,

Be a Pioneer,

It is risky, but the rewards are worth it.




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A Prayer for Grieving Moms   Leave a comment

In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning,

Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not. Matthew 2:18


There can be no greater pain than a mother putting her baby in a grave.

Her tears that flow like a rushing river, how could this one be taken from her quiver?

She cries herself to sleep at night. Crushed, broken empty, for her babe she’d give her life.

These precious ones have gone on before; we’ll never know what their lives had in store.

Never had a chance to chase their dreams, All taken to early so it seems.

We have no words, we can’t understand; how could this have been His plan.

Great and Loving Father of all to you we lift our voice and call.

Pour out your love and grace; reach down your hands to touch each face.

Comfort and relieve their pain, let them find joy and hope to live again.

Let laughter again fill their home and heart as you give them a brand new start.

Fill them with grace and hope again, let life and joy shine from within.

Remind them You understand their loss; You gave your Son the ultimate cost.

We know no mother should live past her son, or see her daughter’s life done.

We will never understand your way or your plan, but in our weakness and in our doubt help us stand.

Mercy, Love, Peace, Comfort, Joy, Hope, Grace, Healing, Joy –

May Your presence and character surround each one and fill the hole that nothing else will.


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Eyes Can’t See   Leave a comment



Lying here on the floor, don’t know what’s in store.

Just can’t bear this pain so deep, all I want to do is sleep.

Close my eyes and it does not come, can’t believe the wrong I’ve done.

Staring into endless night, lost all strength to keep up this fight.

All my eyes can do is cry, don’t know why I even try.

Don’t think I’ll ever find a way to cope, Just can’t see any hope.

Looking up to starless a sky, do I want to live or die?

How much is it going to cost? What is next? I just feel lost.

What am I doing here? Can’t seem to overcome this fear.

Just can’t forget the past, don’t know how long I’m going to last.

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If I Could Choose to Never be Depressed I Would!   Leave a comment

depression-ADBy Angela Hill Dickson

If I could choose never to be depressed…I would choose happiness…it is not like flipping a dang switch!

I just want there to be more tolerance and for people to maybe get a bit more educated on mental health issues, rather than just assume and make stupid comments that do not help!

I say: Feel your feelings and let me feel mine. And if you cannot be helpful, get out of the way…I am in a “process” here!!

There is no other option than to support each other, because if we do not there is nothing.

Support = Love and. Love= Support!!!

Each person who has a mental health issue is responsible to do their part in taking care of themselves and helping themselves. BUT they need a strong support system, plenty of rest, to take meds if they are on them, and to be eating and healthy.

The things that can make a person shut down fast: not feeling supported, feeling blamed for situations that are out of their hands, having people resent them for their mental health issues, and more. Life is hard for everyone…life gets complicated, marriages suffer, kids suffer.

People might think: WHY feel so depressed? You have so much! You have kids, a husband, friends, clothes on your back, vehicles, food, etc. Yes, I have all of that and I am VERY thankful for the blessings I have, but I cannot change the chemical imbalance in my brain, I cannot control the rapid cycling of thoughts and emotions, the bad thoughts just come, the feeling of hopelessness that can just drop out of no where, the irrational fears, the pain. If I could control all of that, I would be different! I apologize to my kids all the time that I am sad. Kaleb (12-year-old son) looked me right in the eye yesterday and said: “It is not your fault, Mom…I know if you could choose to be happy, you would be. When you are happy, you are wonderful!” And he hugged me and I cried. He has more compassion and understanding than most adults. And that makes me sad, too. That he has had to grow up processing everything and having to be so mature and adult in this. It hurts my heart that my kids see me sad. I try very hard EVERY day to be positive, to find the things to be hopeful for and to be thankful for my blessings. Some days are harder and I reach out. Some days are worse and I just want to hide. but EVERY DAY I am still fighting….
I am not lazy or stupid or mean. I am suffering with a chemical imbalance in my brain. I am a work in progress. I am hopeful for the future. I am ME and I accept that. And all I want to do is be accepted….just as anyone else does. And that, my friends, is ALL I can do.

I am with you ALWAYS.   Leave a comment

with-you-alwaysI am with you at all times.

I am with you wherever you are.

I am with you in every circumstance.

I am with you when you lie down and when you awake.

I am with in the darkest of nights or the brightest of days.

I am with you,and I do not change.

I am with you when you fail and when you succeed.

I am with you for every smile and every tear.

I have been with you in the past;

I am with you now and;

                                                                                                             I will be with you even to end of the age.

                                                                                                             Yes I am with you ALWAYS!

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