Missing but not Lost   2 comments

Hello dear friends,

I know it has been quite sometime since I have posted a new article on the blog, and I haven’t been as active online in general. To be honest, I feel like I have been a bit of my game for a while. I have very busy at work and at home, and have just been flat exhausted by the time that I have a chance to sit down and write, check messages or post.

I know that many of you have had your ups and downs your struggles and your victories recently, that is why I am so glad that this group is here. Even when I am not as present and active as I would like to be you are there for one another. This proves something I learned not long after I started on this journey, I am A voice of hope, but I am not THE voice.

That is not to say that I have been completely dormant, I have a number of “projects” in the works and hope to share some of them with you all in the near future. In the mean time please hang in there and don’t give up on me.

I thank you all for your support, encouragement and patience. I would GREATLY appreciate your prayers as well.

One breath, one step, one day at a time,



Posted December 10, 2011 by Hope in Recovery in Update

2 responses to “Missing but not Lost

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  1. I will pray for you:) By the way, I believe we are all part of “THE” voice. The voice of love, freedom and power that yearns to live in each of us. Recovery is a tough road. The realities of life are hard sometimes, yet there is an answer and hope for us all. I linked to your blog through the Higher Power Hour page. Visit my site http://leanandsober.com/ if you get a chance. No sales, no gimmicks, just inspiration from someone who understands the challenges in overcoming life issues and addictions. Be well!


  2. Hi Garry, thank you for the times we have shared on your blog and will look forward to doing so again.

    Blessings to you and those you Love , may the Beauty of Christmas past and the Joy of Christmas present, fill your heart with Love that overflows all year.

    Christ- mas Love Anne

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