Transition Update (10-26-11)   1 comment

I am still working at getting the name changes done for Hope in Recovery. In the process I have found out that many of them are not going to be as easy as I had hoped. In the process I have completed the transfer of the files from the R2R blog, posts comments etc. I plan to go “Live” with it this evening and all future post will be made on the “Hope in Recovery”.

UNFORTUNATELY I was not able to import my subscription list. That being said, if you wish to continue to receive updates by e-mail of new posts, PLEASE hit either the “Follow” button (at the top) if you are a WordPress user or the “Follow” on the left hand column if you want to receive it by e-mail. Either way, PLEASE do one or the other, or you will no longer be informed of updates or new posts.

Another note regarding the overall name change process, The Facebook Group has been changed, and the FB profile that was R2R now simply has my name at this time. FB is not allowing me to use any combination to get to “Hope In Recovery”. In addition, the FB page will not allow for a name change. Therefore at the present time it will continue active as is, but information on it will point to “HIR”.

Twitter has been updated and now is @hopeinrecovery.

On a side note, I took another step forward and submitted my first article to  I should know if it is approved sometime in the next week.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

There is HOPE in RECOVERY!

As always, one breath, one step, one day at a time,



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  1. Well done Garry, I hope the EzineArticels work out ok

    Thanking you for all you give in His Name

    Christian Love Anne.

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