There is Hope, You are NOT Alone!   5 comments


Posted October 4, 2011 by Hope in Recovery in Hope

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5 responses to “There is Hope, You are NOT Alone!

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  1. I like these words, but it’s actually hard to buy them. You don’t feel loved in circumstances like above. In fact, you’re actually alone. I think you mean Christ loves you, but we need love on earth to help us keep going – not a promise we are loved! But they are good words.

    • Wordsfall,

      Yes I am referring to Christ. However, I truly agree that we need those on this Earth that we can see and feel to demonstrate that love in a real and tangible fashion, Having glanced at some of your blog, I fully understand how you fell so alone and in need of tangible love and support. I am truly sorry to here that your life is such a struggle. I hope we can continue to interact. I have subscribed to your blog, I look forward to following you and supporting you in any way that I can.

      One breath, One step, One Day at a time,

    • It does indeed lookl like you would be alone in this picture, but keep in mind that the camera man is there as well. If the girl in the picture looks up, she will see him.
      We always have the option of changing our perspective.

      I also agree that we need love here on earth, but I would suggest that there is love where you may not be looking for it. If you ask, God will meet you where you are at an offer a hand up from the rubble around you.

      I hope you find peace.

  2. Hi Garry it must indeed be a long post I’m still waiting to hear from you but perhaps thinking of what wordsfallfrommyeyes shared we do need to ponder more.

    So who was responsible for the pain and suffering she has had to endure, was it God, did he deliberately do this to her to teach her something, many claim He does and even use Scripture such as Hebrews 12 to prove it but overlook the rest of Scriptures that contradict what they believe, especially that God is Love and does not tempt us to do evil or does He do evil.

    I agree with wordsfall..because even though God and Adam were in close fellowship, God still said it is not good for man to be alone and we can see this Truth in the Body of Christ we are built up together. We were created to Love and we need Love and The Holy Spirit will draw us to be completed or perfected in Love even if we first suffer the consequences of our fleshy Nature, any form of discipline is not pleasant but needed if we are to come to True heart repentance, lets continue this by e-mail Gary or I will be still going on tomorrows post and perhaps for the rest of the week.

    But I do want to share with you Garry what was said to me by people who are mostly Calvinistic. One of them said everything that happens to us in life good or bad is by the hand of God. If you had read on my Blog part of my life story, you would know that I was molested and raped from an early age until I was in my early teens by different men, Well this person told me it was God’s will that this happened to me so He could bring good out of it even though Scripture tells us this teaching is wrong. You would also know if you had read my Blog that I lost 7 babies before they were born 3 were still born, I was also told they were in Hell because I was not a Christian at the time they were conceived. So I ask you Garry does God send children to Hell to suffer eternally because they can’t understand about Salvation is all about, if you or anyone else believes this is True you are not worshipping The God of Love that is revealed in the Scriptures and are very deceived.

    Sorry Garry you can delete this or what you think is needed, I will wait to hear from you. Christian Love Anne.

  3. Anne,
    I disagree that those babies of yours are in hell.
    I also disagree that God willed for you to be raped. The rape and abuse happens because we live in a fallen world… where sin abounds…

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