Out of the Rubble – Hope and Strength from Trials   4 comments

…Tribulation works endurance; and endurance, experience; and experience, hope; and hope does not make ashamed Romans 5:3-5 

We are sure of one thing in this life we WILL face struggles and difficulties. We WILL have trials and feel pain, but rather than crying out to God, complaining, “Why me Lord?”, we should instead recognize it as an opportunity for growth. For Through trials we learn perseverance and courage. As we go through these trials we gain in wisdom and learn that our hope is in the Lord and not in our own understanding and strength. When we place our confidence and faith in the Lord we will NOT be disappointed or ashamed.


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4 responses to “Out of the Rubble – Hope and Strength from Trials

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  1. Hi Gary, how very true what your shared even in adversity we can be assured God will work it all out for good because we Love and obey Him. As I shared I was Bulimic from 20-30 but after being delivered and feeling so blessed, another storm started in my life I was diagnosed with Bipolar and suffered for 18 years. Then it disappeared and for the last 12 years without Bipolar medication even with extreme tidal waves in my life, I have had no symptoms of Bipolar, so it seems I was either miraculously healed again or as they now think I was wrongly diagnosed. This is because I also had Hashimoto’s disease and they now know that the medication for Bipolar prevents the Thyroxin from being absorbed but as the Symptoms resemble Bipolar they didn’t recognize their error, much of the research in regards to Hashimoto’s has only been confirmed within the last 3 years but it is mostly woman who have been wrongly diagnosed as there more pron to Thyroid disorders.

    Did God bring this Storm into my life like some claim No, but He knew it would happen and He strengthened me to go through it and brought great good out of it. As I look back I realise just how much I have learnt about people and myself and many of them like me have suffered greatly in their childhood and yet had held on and today live very productive and worthwhile lives and bless others greatly. I made some very wonderful, caring and Loving friends who are very strong in their faith during these years of being in and out of Hospitals and also other friends who are very special to me even though we don’t share the same beliefs and I Love them all very much, how sad if they had not walked into my life and heart.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Anne,

      Thanks you so much for following the blog, and even more so for sharing a part of yourself in your comments above. I too agree that God does not “cause” the hardships and trials to occur in our lives, but he does “allow” them, It is in the trials that our faith is strengthened and we recognize our need for total reliance on Him and His strength,

      Whether the wind is still, a light breeze or a hurricane, He is ALWAYS there.

      Often the best friends you will ever have are the ones you met when you were struggling the most. They saw us at our weakest and loved us anyway!

      Thanks again,

  2. Hi Gary, thank you for responding to my post, I liked very much the thoughts you shared ….Whether the wind is still, a light breeze or a hurricane, He is ALWAYS there… This is so very True. I wonder Gary if you would mind if I gave you something to ponder on, the only problem is, that it is that it is very long and I don’t know how to send it to you by e-mail but if you want to delete it after, that is ok with me but I can’t condense it or it will lose it’s focus being straight from my heart, Thankfully when my eyes were opened I could see clearly my Awesome God of Love and I knew without a doubt that He could do no evil or willingly allow it because …Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always Protects, always Trusts, always Hopes, always Perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13

    There is a man demented with Power who wants to perfect a race of people far superior then any others and to do that He kills all those who don’t measure up to His standards or he uses them for slave labour till they die. Most of theses people are Jews who have based their lives on materialism and believe in a God of their own making, which is based on rules and regulations which is denying the New covenant in Christ Jesus.

    Did God allow this man to have the Power to kill all these people, is God a murder by association or did He know that this man would rise to power and do this evil and sadly because the Jews did not Love and serve Him the Living God they walked alone through this Holocaust it was their choice they rejected the only one that could help them and sadly their little ones perished with them but they are with the Lord safe in His arms. And many of the people of this Country seduced by a powerful Orator promising them power and material wealth not only looked the other way but helped him carry out his evil plans.

    Did God want this Tragedy, did He allow all this murder so that His heart would be broken.. Have you heard of Corrie Ten Boon and people like her who God prepared before, some who hid the Jews and some who He knew would also be interned in the Consternation Camps, but being strong believers they spoke the His Truth and many Jews having been stripped of all worldly positions which had blinded them believed and were saved but a heartbreaking number died cruelly.

    Why didn’t God stop it, why did He allow it… He didn’t allow it, not willingly, He tolerated it, the same as all the other evil in this world, if He was to put a stop to it every time someone sinned, He would have to stop the world like He did in Noahs time, yes He will do this someday maybe even sooner then we think but for now He does not want anyone to perish and He is patient but His heart is breaking to see the suffering and distress that sin causes in a world that He Created very Good.

    Christian Love Anne

    • Anne,
      WOW! You have actually touched on a subject VERY near to my heart and it will take me a littel bit of time to put my words together clearly and just as your questions was a bit lengthy, I can assure you my response will be more so. WIth that in mind I will e-mail you the resposne rather than posting it here.

      Thanks for asking.

      Seeing your respose to the “wind” statement, I may just have to make a image for it too!

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