Dependence on God & God’s Will   Leave a comment

by Carol Rhodes

(I use the term “we” generally.) I will wager to say most people in AA have encountered a crisis of a blown-out self will run rampant along with the consequences of alcoholic drinking. Once in AA, many glance at the steps & want nothing to do with depending on a higher power much less anybody else. But thank goodness we also see pretty quickly that dependence upon an AA meeting, or a higher power of our understanding doesn’t make us weak, because we find we gain strength to keep away from the booze. We find ourselves looking closely at step 3 & we wonder how we can turn our will over. We’re sober, but by now, if we don’t have a sponsor, we realize this is definitely the time to get one. So wow. At this point, we’ve crossed a lot of hurdles. We have come to depend on a higher power, & a sponsor. We learn that for us as alcoholics,God’s will is continuous action with the steps as a way of life. Be blessed.


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