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Narrow PathThis post I feel will be much more like what one would expect in reading a blog. It is more of post straight from my mind and heart and not as much a specifically written with a particular topic or purpose in mind other than to share a little bit of who I am and why it is that I do what I do, including writing this blog.

I know that I have shared this on numerous occasions with my class that I teach at that hospital. As I see it, in teaching, in writing, in speaking, in living, if I can do four simple things in the lives of those that I am given the honor and privilege to encounter and share with, then I truly feel like that I have succeeded.

Those four goals include:





Let me take a moment to explain each just a bit further.

  • Enlighten: To me, to enlighten is to share information with others so as to teach them something that they did not previously know, in order to allow them to improve the state of their lives.
  • Encourage: I recently described encouraging as offering a hand to another whom has slipped and fallen along their way and helping them to get back to their feet,
  • Inspire: Continuing from the previous thought, once the individual has gotten back on their feet; to inspire is to walk alongside and urge them on in their journey, rooting them on saying “you can do it”.Empower: Finally, to empower is to have others come to the realization of the strength and courage that resides within, so as to believe in themselves and their porential for success.
  • That actually brings me to a new word to add to this list: Instill. More specifically: Instill Hope. To give, to share or impart hope. Hope is the belief that something good will happen and  success is possible.

Ultimately, if I am able to do just one of these at a given time then I have done well. If I am blessed enough, to accomplish all of the above over a period time, then I believe, that it  is a part of my fulfilling my purpose, my calling, and  my destiny.

I guess when it boils down to it, there is one simple word that describes who I am, at least at this point in my life… TEACHER.

But I hope you can see that I have no desire to simply be and educator, I want my life to reach out and change the lives of others in a positive way and make them better for having known me. I want my legacy not to be the money that I made, things I had or even the awards that I might have  received, but the lives that I have touched and changed for the better.

That being said I believe that there is only one way this is truly achieved, even to the slightest extent. That is through my conscious understanding and acceptance that in all I do that it not I that does it alone, but have been given a gifts and talents from the Lord above and it is by His strength and guidance that I succeed, Though, I do not often share my faith overtly, I try to live my life as an example and a witness to the goodness and grace that He has so richly given. I know that I could never be the man or the Teacher that He was; however I can honestly say that Jesus or more correctly Yesua is my example, and model. I strive to reflect Him in my life as a whole and in my interactions and teachings. It is not coincidental that I use as many analogies and word pictures in my presentations and articles. However, it is not out of specific design, it is just how my mind works. It just so happens that as you read about how He taught, He did the same. Ultimately, my goal is to be taken out of the equation as much as possible and for me to merely be and instrument and vessel through which I allow Him to flow.

WELL… that I believe about covers it. I hope it helps you to understand a little better who I am what I am about. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. I would really like to see this blog become more of a community sharing ideas, and not just a one man show. I learned a long time ago, that the ones who have struggled through  “the valley of the shadow of death” and survived, understand a lot more about what recovery really is than any amount of education or experience could ever offer.

Thanks for reading and I hope and pray that you find your path to be straight and your potholes to be filled.



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  1. I think your blog reflects accurately the principles you are trying to convey to enlighten, encourage, inspire, empower and to instill hope.
    I have gotten a measure of all of these things since I began coming to your blog.
    Thank you rd2recovery


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