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People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

John Maxwell

There can be no truer statement than this, and it does not matter the nature of the business that one is in. Banking, Industry, Sales, Management, Healthcare, or Social Services.  In addition, it does not matter whom is defined as “people”: clients, employees, buyers, or “ordinary Joe Public”.  

 However, this statement is the most true when connected with any kind of “helping” occupation, such as ours here providing care and treatment the individuals that we serve. It does not matter to our customers whether I have a PhD or a GED, if I have 20 years of experience or 2 weeks unless I put forth an effort to show them that I genuinely care about them and their recovery.

 And what is the BEST way to demonstrate this care to those with whom we interact?


 Not just talking to them, or probably more descriptively, talking “at” them.

 Really slowing down and talking to them; and not just hearing what they are saying, but truly LISTENING. Even then not only listening to there words, to what they need or want at the moment, but listening deeper than that, listening to their heart.

 Now, don’t get me wrong, there are only a handful of individuals actually trained to be “counselors or therapist”, but we can all offer an open ear and mind to the needs of our consumers.

 When all is said and done at the end of each shift, ask yourself, did I show one person that I cared about them today. Did I share a glimmer of hope? If you can answer either question, “Yes”, then pat yourself on the back. YOU, have allowed yourself to be an instrument of Recovery and Change in the life of another person’s life. For that you should be proud!

When those around us know that we care, they will not only be willing to listen and receive knowledge and information from us, they will ask for it.



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