What is Road to Recovery? An Introduction   Leave a comment

 Why the title, Road to Recovery? The title in and of it self has a message of its own, but I also am drawn to the symbolism and many analogies that can be used in comparing the process of recovery to being a journey along a road.

To begin lets look at just a few definitions.

Various dictionaries provide very similarly worded definitions for the word “Road”:

  • a route or way to an end, conclusion, or circumstance
  • A course or path
  • course of action: a course of action or behavior that leads to a particular outcome
  • a way made for traveling between places, esp. distant places, by automobile, horseback, etc.; highway
  • a way; path; course

The same is true regarding definitions for Recovery:

  • return to health: the return to normal health of somebody who has been ill or injured
  • return to normal state: the return of something to a normal or improved state after a setback or loss
  • gaining back of something lost: the regaining of something lost or taken away
  • the process of combating a disorder (as alcoholism) or a real or perceived problem

 So… the Road to Recovery is: A course of action/behavior that leads to a return to mental/physical health, to a normal or improved state following a setback or loss.

 Every physical road has curves, mountains valleys, pot holes, signs, etc. The same is true in regards to the Recovery process. What determines if we continue our recovery and maintain our wellbeing is how well we navigate these obstacles as we face them on our journey? Just as in driving, if we do not navigate these appropriately we will find ourselves in the bar ditch, or in recovery terms, relapse.

 Thankfully, or recovery journey provides us with warning signs that relapse is possible, just like road signs on the highway. They are called symptoms.

 I hope and pray that as you navigate your Road to Recovery, you will find hope, encouragement and empowerment to help you along in your journey.


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