Welcome to the Road to Recovery Blog   2 comments

Welcome to the Road to Recovery Blog.

I will be posting my musing, insights and inspirations regarding Recovery for those that battle mental illness and addictive disorders. Each of us are on a journey and my hope is that this blog can serve to help to enlighten, encourage and motivate you along your way.

Though the road be long with pot hole and mountains to overcome, there is hope that you can be better and can be empowered to control your illness and no longer have to be controlled by it.

Come join me on the Journey!!


2 responses to “Welcome to the Road to Recovery Blog

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  1. I like the old stinking thinking A.A. sayings, the simplest one,”Man never gets lost on a straight road.” the straight road for me being the program of A.A. To me recovery is like a freeway we are either going in one direction or we are going in another. Good or Bad. But when we are going in the same direction, sometimes we are not in the same lane.

  2. Being a new christian, I can honestly say that I was afraid to allow God to change me. I didn’t want to be like the christians I had run from for the last 20 years, The ones who talk a lot of Jesus, but who’s lives are no different then the comunity of Athiests, or the ones who hate everyone in the name of Jesus. They leave you feeling like, “God must be a jerk.” I thought that being a christian was to be a very angry and hateful person.
    I have found something that I did not expect. I found christians who truely reflect God’s love and who keep themselves from passing judgement on others. I found a God who is gentle and merciful. I found a peace had settleled in my heart that is like nothing I had experienced in the world on my own.
    I look back at who I was as recently as April of this year and I see that God has indeed changed me. I didn’t even know it was happening, but I can sense a change happening in my soul. Now, I don’t fear the changes that God orchestrates. My whole outlook and attitude are changing and I can see that he is not out to hurt me, but his desire is to see me whole and healed.


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